Executive Search

Appropriate for senior-level executives at VP, C-Suite or Board-level; an engagement at this level will give you an exclusive consulting experience that will help you make the best decision for your organization. Before a search begins, we would take the first critical step together:

Step 1: Deep-Dive Discovery Consultation

An in-person consultation is conducted to learn your organization’s vision, mission, history and culture.  An early understanding of what success looks like from your own company’s lens is the basis for the foundation of this high-level, high-stakes search.  Meeting with the leader of the company or organization is essential to building a solid business case for potential talented executives to consider joining your company as part of their future career.

Step 2: Defining the Selection & Hiring Process

Setting expectations for what you want to see in the process of searching for the brightest stars in your organization is critical.  For a retained consultant arrangement to meet your company’s standards, we will map out the process together that will include a discovery session: In-depth client and stakeholder interviews prior to ….

Step 3: The Hire

Matching talent to a career opportunity that results in an executive hire is the start of what should be a great, long-term career path.   A new executive in a new environment will thrive with laying a foundation that includes the “human touch” such as appointing a trusted mentor that can act as a ‘river-guide’ to learn your organization.  We would provide on-going touch-points during the new executives’ career that would include contact with you and your new executive.