Welcome to your Survey for Organizations Considering Outsourcing Contingent Labor, Consolidating Temporary Agency Spend, or Consolidating Vendors

1) Tell us about your organization: 
     Company or Organization Name:


Number of full-time employees:

2) Do you currently utilize Staffing Services (including such vendors as (RPO), Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or Temporary Agencies?

If "yes," how many temporary employees (or contingent labor) are at your facilities at any given time?

If utilizing an RPO, what level of support is being given?

How many RPO agency employees are assigned to your company?

3) Is your process for requesting temporary employees (or contingent labor) centralized?

          If “No”, what functional departments utilize temporary agencies?

4) How satisfied are you with the vendors you are engaging? On a scale of 1 – 5, rate your satisfaction:

5) Are you considering other options? (example: vendor consolidation)

6) How do you measure the success of your program?

7) What would you like to see improved upon in your current Staffing Services' vendors to your organization?

Please provide your name, email and contact phone number.