Outsourcing Contingent – Temporary Labor

Developing a Custom Solution for Your Company

The Use of Staffing Firms by Organizations

The rise of the independent worker, freelancer or “gig” ecosphere in an unprecedented tight labor market, has impacted companies utilizing agency staff to supplement their workforce — to some degree, in a negative sense.  Turnover among agency workers has increased, making the option of utilizing staffing agencies to augment your workforce one that can cause its own headaches.

“MSP”, “MVP”, “RPO”, “Vendor-Neutral”, “BPO” are solutions offered by global staffing service providers that are often employed in a highly strategic manner by major organizations. 

Knowing the industry terrain is especially important when making a decision to outsource a critical function of a business, such as the use of contingent labor. We can act as your guide to ensure you are making the best choice for your company in the area of contingent staffing.